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Foster Home Policies

Please read the terms below, and if you agree to abide by our Foster Home Policies, please complete the Foster application below.

Our wonderful dogs need TLC.  Our foster homes provide a safe place for these previously unloved dogs to learn what it is like to be safe, well-fed, and loved. We, at Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue, are working to recruit qualified foster homes to help teach these dogs that it is okay to love trust learn to just be good canine citizens.

In addition to providing the all-important TLC, we also ask that our foster families help brush up on the skills that make a dog more adoptable - house manners, learning to walk on a lead, taking treats gently, etc. Everything you want for your personal dogs, we want the same for IDGSR's dogs.  If you have the time, energy and love to give a foster dog, we need you!

IDGSR provides Veterinary care for the foster dog to include, but not limited to, basic shots and rabies vaccinations, flea, tick, and HW prevention, and spay or neuter, if not already done.  We will also supply a crate if needed.  Anything provided by the foster is tax-deductible and IDGSR will provide receipts for these much-appreciated items!  Additionally, we have an amazing community of volunteers to help answer questions and even transport as needed. All foster homes will be considered within a 1 to a 2-hour radius of either Greeneville, TN. or Memphis, TN.

As a foster:

Foster agrees to provide nutritious meals, fresh water, grooming care, a safe environment and appropriate shelter for the dog.

Foster agrees to never leave the dog tied up, attended or unattended.  Foster will never leave the the dog unattended in a vehicle if it is 70 degrees or hotter, even with the windows rolled down.  Foster understands that this can cause heatstroke, and possibly the death of the dog.

Foster agrees to arrange the family's schedule so that the dog is seldom left alone for more than 9 hours at a stretch.

Foster understands and agrees to arrange for the dog, if approved by the Foster Coordinator, to attend adoption events and other functions supporting the showcasing of the dog.

Foster agrees to play with, pet and give attention to the dog when Foster is home.

Foster agrees to let the Team Leader know if there is any change in the health of the dog and will get clearance before Foster gets anything other than emergency care for the dog.

Foster will check the dog regularly for any signs of illness. Foster will do frequent flea and tick checks on the dog.

Foster will not hit or administer any type of corporal punishment to the dog, under any circumstances.  Instead, foster will give a firm "NO!", "EH, EH, EH", use a squirt bottle or shake can to let the dog know that they are exhibiting unwanted behavior. Foster understands dog trainers acknowledge that hitting a dog is an ineffective way of correcting unwanted behavior.

Foster will further seek to modify behavior by praising and using positive reinforcement with the behavior desired.

Foster agrees to consult with the Team Leader, dog care books or videos from the library if experiencing any behavioral difficulties with the dog.

Foster will closely supervise the dog when around children (especially children, or adults, he/she is not familiar with.)

Foster will closely monitor the dog when near roadways or water, when riding in a vehicle (preferably the dog should be in a crate during travel) and in any other situation which is potentially dangerous to the dog.

Fosters will have the dog wear the IDGSR ID tag with the IDGSR phone number, at all times.  Foster will call for a replacement if lost.

Foster agrees to any home visits needed, at reasonable times, as determined by IDGSR.  Foster understands that the dog remains the SOLE property of IDGSR and will relinquish the dog to IDGSR immediately, upon request.  Further, Foster understands that they MAY NOT, under circumstances, REHOME, ADOPT or otherwise REMOVE any dog from IDGSR care, custody or control without prior knowledge and consent of an authorized representative of IDGSR. 

Foster understands that IDGSR does its best to evaluate the temperament and behavior of each dog accepted into the rescue.  Foster will not hold IDGSR liable for any damage the dog may do.

By filling out this application and clicking 'Submit', you agree to a background check. This may or may not be done depending on the current knowledge IDGSR has of the applicant.

Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue exercises due caution to prevent the transmission of any illness. Unless you are otherwise notified, the dog(s) you will foster will have been given preventative immunizations.  However, because of the dire circumstances from which many rescue animals come, any animal may carry, or could have already been exposed to, an infectious disease which may not be apparent for several days. IDGSR cannot warrant or guarantee the foster dog is healthy.

Likewise, IDGSR exercises caution in regard to the temperament of all the dogs we accept into the rescue. Although all have been evaluated to be of good nature, any animal has the potential to bite or cause injury.  You determine if the dog is acceptable for you and your household to foster, and in doing so, you agree to indemnify and hold Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue volunteers and other Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue representatives harmless for any illness the animal may develop and any injury or damage this foster dog may cause once you have taken possession of the dog.

With the submission of the Foster Home Application below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the IDGSR Foster Policies.  If you are in agreement to these terms, please complete the application below and press the submit button to send your application.  An IDGSR representative will review your application and get back to you shortly.

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